Presentation Descriptions

Monday, March 11, 2024

Change Management in the Evolving Hybrid Work Environment
Elaina Boncich

Hybrid teams are here to stay. The time now to consolidate and institutionalize best practices and processes. Managers and supervises alike must incorporate and balance well-being and purpose while being mindful of our diverse workforce.  The objective is to share common problems with managing and working on hybrid teams, and how to foster a culture of flexibility and also accountability. Participants will be able to clearly define their hybrid challenges and develop solutions to bring back to their teams. 

Getting Gilligan off the Island
Michael V. Jenkins, Ph.D.

Just sit right back, and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip; it started from a tropical port aboard a tiny ship. These words, and those that follow, have captivated viewers for generations, but this comical, immersive, and conversational session ponders whether there are any leadership lessons to be learned from the misadventures of Gilligan, the Skipper too, the millionaire, and his wife, the movie star, the Professor and Mary Ann. Sadly, you won’t get a full three-hour tour (only about an hour) and certainly aren’t in danger of getting lost on an unchartered desert island. Whether you’ve ever heard of this motly crew or not, you will sing, you will laugh, you might even cry, and if all goes well, you will discover just how necessary good leadership is, learn how to balance your management and leadership skills beter, uncover some supracultural principles of leadership, and solve the mystery of who the real leader of Gilligan’s Island was. If all goes well, you might even help Gilligan get off the island that CBS left him on in 1967.

Leveraging Tech Company Mindsets to Fast-Track Career Success for Administrative Professionals
Will Kellog

Employees at tech companies like Google, Meta, and Salesforce all speak a similar language regarding rapid career advancement and success, and it’s not by accident. It’s because employees at these companies leverage specific tools and mindsets that give them a competitve advantage, which in turn helps tech organizations move fast, create impact, and grow.

Learning these tools for success helps administrators find more value in their work, opens doors to career advancement and promotion, facilitates future-focused conversations with managers, and cultivates culture-driven workspaces that enable teams to thrive. By learning and practicing these skills, administrators at UC can build more effective organizations and teams, regardless of level, tenure, and track in the organization. The presentation would include a detailed discussion about organizational alignment, transparency, career growth, and organizational culture building, with time for Q&A.

Conquer Chaos with Asana: Boost Your Team’s Productivity, Collaboration, and Real-time Reporting
Jeremy Sloan

Asana empowers teams to streamline workflow, fostering collaboration, and boosting productivity. This workshop highlights Asana’s core functionalities, including project organization, task management, and real-time communication features, all designed to enhance team efficiency and visibility. Gain a better understanding of work management tools and Asana’s potential benefits.

Streamline your workflow and boost team productivity through intuitive task creation, assignment, tracking, and central asset management. Foster collaboration with real-time communication tools and clear project visibility features.  Gain valuable insights into project progress, budget tracking, time management, team activity, and capacity through customizable dashboards and reports. Leverage advanced functionalities for organizations to make informed decisions based on real- time project data and insights time project data and insights.

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Expanding your Campus
Steve Yu

At this talk, learn more about the new UCLA South Bay campus acquisition and the plans for its launch. Also learn about a philosophical and tactical approach on how to “expand your campus” beyond your current office/department/school, and to connect more deeply with your campus and into UC. 

Somehow I Manage:  Seeking and achieving balance on the pendulum of change
Kathrina Munoz

Work/family conflicts are a serious issue; professionals find themselves performing a balancing act to fulfill the expectations attached to both personal and professional roles. Moreover, professional growth is often delayed or stunted due to personal conflicts. This presentation will give insight on the importance of various topics such as networking, education and mentorship. The objective of this presentation is to promote the professional development through networking, education, and mentorship.

Influencing 101: Elevating Your Career through Strategic Leadership Dynamics
Crystal Petrini

In this presentation, I hope participants gain actionable strategies for professional success by navigating relationships with supervisors, leaders, and all campus constituents. The session hopes to demystify the concept of managing up, focusing on effective communication with superiors and adapting to diverse leadership styles. Attendees learn to build robust professional relationships, set clear expectations, and balance autonomy with collaboration. Strategies for managing conflicting priorities, influencing decisions, and proactive engagement in performance reviews are explored. The presentation also addresses the challenges of remote work, emphasizing the importance of clear communication and trust-building. Overall, participants exit with an idea of how to navigate workplace dynamics, fostering positive relationships with superiors and contributing to their professional growth and team success.

Preparing Your Team for the Oracle Transition: Practical Insights from UC San Diego
Natalie Wolfe

Gain practical strategies and firsthand insights from UC San Diego’s experience in preparing teams for the Oracle transition. Learn key approaches and critical takeaways to streamline your own transition process. This talk offers actionable steps and real-world expertise to ensure a smoother Oracle transition for your team.

Exploring Leadership Paradigms in Higher Education- Managing Up, Down, and Everything in Between
Melissa Gomez, Tomiko Hale & Amy Ricks

Facilitated by three university leaders from UC Merced, UC Riverside, and UC Irvine, this session offers an exploration of leadership paradigms within higher education. The focus is on leveraging their comprehensive expertise to best support and guide UC campus staff, particularly in the evolving landscape of higher education management and leadership. Central to this presentation is the examination of leadership paradigms, key strategies such as problem solving, fostering flexibility, and enhancing networking to identify, cultivate, and retain top talent in various university units. It will be an interactive experience using audience feedback, to foster a collaborative environment of information sharing, practical learning, and toolkit expansion.