2023 Entertainment

Oakland A’s Game Participants

Registration coming soon!! Ticket holders will be sent a digital ticket.

Meet in hotel lobby at 5:15pm

We will go as a group, but for those going on their own, or if you get separated:

BART: Downtown Berkeley station  – on the ORANGE LINE-  to the Coliseum Station is about 25 minutes. (See BART System Map)  Other lines will require transfer at MacArthur Station.  The walk from the Coliseum Station to the ballpark is another 18-20 minutes, assuming crowds. Anticipate 45 mins for hotel lobby to seat time!

2023 UC AMP Berkeley Public House Crawl:
Four excellent establishments within walking distance


East Bay Spice Company is a cozy and intimate space, with eye-catching style, without being overly pretentious.  The Indian cuisine inspired menu features several tasty flatbreads, perfect for smaller bites.  The bar menu features several unique and well-crafted cocktails.


From East Bay Spice Co, we walked another five or so minutes down to their sister spot on Shattuck Ave.  The bar offers modern décor, soft lighting and dark wood throughout creating a speakeasy feel. 


Located just one block down from Tip-Sea on Shattuck Ave, Tupper & Reed is a must on our EPIC bar crawl!  The tall brick building’s exterior evokes incredible British Pub vibes, with its cozy outdoor seating space, beautiful, recessed entry and heavy black wooden door and black wooden window frames.  The ambiance has a Harry Potter-esque sensation, which is further reinforced upon walking inside and reveling in the dark wood interior, classic brass bar rail, cozy leather booths, a towering wood staircase to additional seating space upstairs… and they even have a beautiful retro record player sitting at the far end of the bar! One of the oldest bars in Berkeley, originally built in 1925, they pay homage to their roots in everything they do.   


The last stop on our cocktail bar crawl is Eureka! on Center Street very close to our hotel (just off Shattuck Ave).  Technically a regional restaurant chain, Eureka! has a full bar featuring a crafted seasonal cocktail menu, delicious bar food and hearty burgers (among other fare).  The Berkeley location is very aesthetically pleasing, doing a fantastic job of blending indoor and outdoor seating spaces seamlessly.  With the massive glass cabinets full of bottles of whiskey, the design creates a welcoming atmosphere of warmth and openness that invites you to sit down stay a while.