Photo Contest

While you attend the conference we ask that you take photos that capture the essence of the conference and the campus.  

Use Instagram or Linked In and tag your pictures with #ucamp2023 and if your picture is selected by the AMP committee you will win a free ticket to UC AMP 2024 at UC Riverside!

2023 UC AMP Photo Contest Winner: Pete Scully of UC Davis. Drawing of Wellman Hall, UC Berkeley!

UC AMP 2022 Winner: Amanda Maffett UCSB

2019 winning photo by Karen Gracey, UCLA
2018 winning photo by  Maggie Lam, UCSF

2017 UC AMP Winner! Photo by Edgar Micua, UCSF
2017 winning photo by Edgar Micua, UCSF
2016 UC ABOG Winner! Photo by Pam Edwards, UCSC
2016 winning photo by Pam  Edwards, UCSC
2015 winning photo by Monique Peyton, UCR