UC AMP, formerly known as ABOG


UC San Diego will be hosting the 50th Annual Conference

April 22 – 24, 2018


Name  Campus Department or field for networking activity
Sandi Ketchpel Berkeley Goldman School of Public Policy
Nikki Humphreys Berkeley Bioengineering Department
Denise Cronin Berkeley School of Public Health
Toni Whittle-Ciprazo Berkeley Art Practice
Alex Mastrangeli Berkeley English
Megan Amaral Berkeley Energy and Resources Group (Energy, Environment)
Jenny Collins Berkeley School of Information
Veronica Padilla Berkeley Earth & Planetary Science
Heidi Hallett Berkeley Office of the CFO
Wanda Nieters Berkeley Math & Physical Sciences, Budget & Financial Analysis
Dana Jantz Berkeley Plant and Microbial Biology
Gary Bernard Spears Armstrong Berkeley

CASMA (Classics, South & Southeast Asian St, Ancient Hist & Med Arch,
Medieval St, Tebtunis Papyri, Temple of Zeus, Nemea,
Center for Studies of Ancient Italian Studies)

Joan Kask Berkeley International and Area Studies
Michael Ferencz Berkeley Graduate Division 
Xuan Quach Berkeley Computational Biology
Shirleyrae Reed Berkeley Contract and Grants Manager for GSE and Optometry 
Mia Reiser Berkeley School of Social Welfare
Maura Vrydaghs Berkeley Philosophy
Sally Harmsworth Davis UC Agriculture & Natural Resources
Katie Fuller Davis Student Health and Counseling Services
Jeanene Hayes Davis Undergraduate Education Lead Business Coordinator
Corinne Esser Davis Earth & Planetary Sciences Academic Department
Gaylene Miller Davis Center for Occupational and Environmental Health
Gayle Grasmick Davis Earth and Planetary Sciences
Nancy Louks Davis The Arts Administrative Group
Meshell Louderman Davis Computer Science
Julienne DeGeyter Davis Student Health/Finance
Monique Peyton Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital
Cathy Miller Davis College of Biological Sciences Dean's Office
Shannon Tanguay Davis College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences Dean's Office
MaryJane Miller Davis Anthropology, Sociology, MESA/Financial Analyst, Business Office Manager
Jamie Brannan Davis California Lighting Technology Center
Michele Goodman Davis Graduate School of Management
Elle Barnes Davis Agricultural Resources and Economics, Human Ecology and Environmental Science and Policy
Yulia Kiefer Davis Agricultural Resources and Economics, Human Ecology and Environmental Science and Policy
Marianne Goetze Davis Agricultural Resources and Economics, Human Ecology and Environmental Science and Policy
Iben Wilson Davis Division of Student Affairs - Budget Analyst
Tuyet Hoang Davis Division of Social Sciences Orange Cluster Administration
Amy Shuman Davis Human Resources
Steven Wells Davis Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing
Eva Jakab Davis Microbiology and Molecualr GEnetics
Kimberly Ney Davis Center for Equine Health
Luci Schmidl Davis Division of Student Affairs, Budget and Finance
Tracy Lade Davis Physics Department
Judith Fisher Davis Chemistry
Lisa Borchard Davis Undergraduate Education
Lourdes H Gomez Davis Student Housing
Angelina Herron Davis Undergraduate Education
Leslie Jones Davis METRO Cluster
Orbelina Gomez Davis Phoenix Cluster UC Davis College of Ag. 
Cheryl Boney Davis Student Health and Counseling Services
Michelle Hammer Coffer Davis UC ANR - Chief Business Officer, Program Planning & Evaluation
UC Administrative Management Professionals (UC AMP) presents the 2017 Annual System-wide Conference "Cultivating Success"! Davis UC ANR - Youth Families and Communities
Cheryl Boney Davis Student Health and Counseling Services
Mary Underwood Irvine Criminology, Law & Society
Penny Portillo Irvine School of Humanities
Cassandra Jue Low Irvine Information & Computer Sciences
Tracy Gov Irvine School of Education - Writing Project
Stacia Christiansen Irvine Neurological Surgery
Shelly Bennett-Burns Irvine School of Social Sciences
Salomeh Dabiri Irvine Department of Neurobiology & Behavior
Holly Byrnes Irvine Computer Science
Stephanie Dubnick Irvine School of Law Director of Finance
Andrew Villaruz Irvine neurology
Marissa Reyes Irvine Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Nancy Morallo Irvine School of Humanities
Bessy Varela Irvine Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Lisa Rehbaum Irvine law
Julie Strope Irvine Department of Epidemiology/Genetic Epidemiology Research Institute
Cynthia Dennis Irvine Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Vichelle Jose Los Angeles UCLA Lab School
Karen Gracey Los Angeles Dermatology
Shawnda Carpenter Los Angeles Graduate of Education & Information Studies (Finance)
Ronke Epps Los Angeles
Thomas Nykiel Los Angeles Institute for Pure & Applied Mathematics (CFO)
Aaron Sanchez Los Angeles Chemistry and Biochemistry
Anne Carson Los Angeles Human Genetics
Mona Storck Los Angeles Office of Information Technology
Leigh Ann Haas Los Angeles David Geffen School of Medicine - DLAM
Teresa Ibarra Los Angeles UCLA External Affairs /Advancement Services
Jennifer Franz Los Angeles Mathematic
Ian Da Costa Los Angeles Campus Purchasing & Payables
Michelle Jen-Ching Huang Los Angeles Physiology
Mark Ramseyer Los Angeles Academic Planning and Budget
Jill Quezada Los Angeles Space Management and Inventory
Lynette Hand Los Angeles Physiology
Ivonne Nelson Los Angeles Biostatistics
Olivia Diaz Ramirez Los Angeles UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies 
Karla Breen Los Angeles Graduate School of Education & Information Studies
Lora Choi Los Angeles Education
Catherine Vazquez Los Angeles GSE&IS - Human Resources
Claudia Valdivieso-Defaz Los Angeles Humanities Administrative Group
Marvin Selga Los Angeles GSE&IS
Dreu Thao Merced UC Merced, Development & Alumni Relations
Katie Unruh Merced Administrative Coordination Team (ACT)
Diane Caton Merced Administrative Coordination Team/Business Officer
Stephanie Peterson Merced Library
Mary Kleba Merced School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts
Juana Dumagan-Garcia Merced Undergraduate Education
Hannah Yanez Merced School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts 
Karina Villegas Merced School of Natural Sciences 
Cindy Love Merced
Maria Tinoco Merced Graduate Division
Melissa Tatham Merced Office of Research and Economic Development
Marisela Angel Merced Information Technology
Coty Ventura Merced Sierra Nevada Research Institute
Christina Meneses Merced School of Natural Sciences
Dora Lopes Merced School of Natural Sciences- Personnel Director
Roseanna Barron Merced School of Engineering
German Gavilan Merced School of Engineering
Linda Zubke Merced Engineering/ Student Services
Christine Tumonong Merced Financial Management and Controls
Jenny Duenas Merced Financial Management and Controls
April Meinzer Riverside Botany & Plant Sciences Department
Susana Aparicio Riverside
Janice Border Riverside Botanic Gardens & Environmental Sciences
Vonnie Tessier Riverside Comparative Literature and Foreign Languages/Hispanic Studies Department
Tracey J. Scholtemeyer Riverside Undergraduate Education
Isaac Owusu-Frimpong Riverside Computer Science and Engineering
Sue Lee Riverside Agricultural Operations
Reasey Heang Riverside Performing Arts Administration
Katharine Henshaw Riverside Center for Ideas and Society
Katrice Calloway Riverside Dean's Office Financial Administrator
Ryan Lipinski Riverside Psychology, Humanities, Arts, Multidisciplinary
Cindy Williams Riverside CHASS
Cecily Julien Riverside Botany and Plant Sciences
Jennifer Morgan Riverside English and Philosophy 
Michael Molinar Riverside Department of History
Kathy Redd Riverside CNAS Graduate Student Affairs Center
Lil Dockery San Diego SIO Dean's Office
Kevin Waldrop San Diego Graduate Division
Crystal Roberts San Diego Ship Operations and Marine Technical Support
Debra Ambrose San Diego Philosophy
Jacinto Gutierrez San Diego Enrollment Management
Wayne Farquharson San Diego Earth Section/SIO
Stephanie Navrides San Diego Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Anne Footer San Diego Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Karin Marsolais San Diego The Preuss School UCSD
Veronica Garcia San Diego Radiation Medicine and Applied Sciences
Gayle Aruta San Diego COMMUNICATION
Liz Kelly San Diego Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences
Riley Choi San Diego Ophthalmology
Ken Tomory San Diego Student Retention & Success
Alma Palazzolo San Diego Dean's Office of Arts & Humanities
Mary Polytaridies San Diego Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Minerva Nelson San Diego Financial Officer - SIO/UCSD
Shanley Miller San Diego Sociology
Pamela Fruge San Diego Education Studies
Jackie Griffin San Diego Visual Arts
Rose Madson San Diego Sea Grant College, SIO
Ramona Mason San Diego Education Research
Samira Khazai San Diego
Aline Nandelstadt San Diego Radiology 
Andrei Koudriavtsev San Diego Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Denise Darling San Diego Scripps Institute of Oceanography
Teresa Wassum San Diego Cognitive Science
Yvette Alvarez Obando San Diego Ethnic Studies
Jennifer Davis San Diego Biology Section-Scripps Oceanography
Clarice Estrada San Francisco Operations/Department Manager
Serena Loya San Francisco Internal Medicine
Monica Meza San Francisco Internal Medicine
Rebecca Miller San Francisco School of Pharmacy, Dean's Office
Olivia Viloria San Francisco Biochemistry
Robert Mansfield San Francisco Global Health Sciences
Jewel Smally San Francisco School of Dentistry
Olena Akerman San Francisco EVCP, Business and Finance
Lauren Sterling San Francisco Center for AIDS Research (Dept of Medicine, VAMC)
Elissa Roeser San Francisco Medicine/Pulmonary and Critical Care
Edgar Micua  San Francisco ZSFGH Department of Psychiatry 
James Ferguson San Francisco UCSF School of Pharmacy, Office of Education and Instructional Support
Greta Carl-Halle Santa Barbara Computer Science
Rosa Pinter Santa Barbara Center for Black Studies Research
Andrea Carr Santa Barbara Exercise & Sport Studies
Lisa Klock Santa Barbara College of Letters and Science Information Technology
Denna Zamarron Santa Barbara Department of Statistics & Applied Probability 
Mike Best Santa Barbara Chemical Engineering
Tracey Goss Santa Barbara Chicano Studies Institute
Boris W. Palencia Santa Barbara Enrollment Services
Theresa Pena Santa Barbara Research Unit
Tedi Tehrani Santa Barbara Student Information Systems $ Technology
Jane Kittle Santa Barbara Institute for Energy Efficiency
Todd Humphreys Santa Barbara Humanities
Paty Marin Santa Barbara Letters & Science Information Technology
Amber Noelle Santa Barbara MCDB
Tania Dunson Santa Barbara Communication
Lisa Blanco Santa Barbara Sociology
Kim Coonen Santa Barbara Global Studies Dept.
Sandra Camp Santa Barbara Student Affairs
Bonnie Lanthier-Molitor Santa Barbara Director of Finance (Arts & Lectures)
Jane Kittle Santa Barbara Institute for Energy Efficiency
Linda Weyers Santa Cruz Environmental Studies
Pamela Edwards Santa Cruz Writing Program
Hannah Pederson Santa Cruz Art Department
Meredith Dyer Santa Cruz History of Art & Visual Culture
Hollie Clausnitzer Santa Cruz Philosophy
Fred Deakin Santa Cruz Anthropology
Jessica Lawrence Santa Cruz Sociology
Tammy Tooley-Chelossi Santa Cruz Politics/Legal Studies/UCDC
Ashley Hardisty Santa Cruz Linguistics Dept
Rosa Law Santa Cruz Biomolecular Engineering Department Manager
Jenny Brown Santa Cruz Film and Digital Media
Dana Rohlf Santa Cruz Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Kathryn Baldwin Santa Cruz Technology Management
Marlene Robinson Santa Cruz Computer Engineering/Electrical Engineering/Computational Media
Grace Caslavka Santa Cruz Earth and Planetary Sciences
Stephanie Casher Santa Cruz Literature
Fiona Weigant Santa Cruz Education Department